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Children’s Services, Inc. operates the Parris Home For Children, a residential home for children that provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment where they can develop healthy and safe lifestyles that carry them into adulthood. 

Our Vision: That every child in Northeast Alabama receives the developmental support they need to bring them the future they rightfully deserve.

Our Mission: To provide children, exposed to abuse and neglect, the care and committed sense of family they deserve in the safety and security of a house they consider home; and to ensure children in licensed day care facilities receive the nutrition and support necessary to prepare them for educational success.

Who We Serve:
  1. Children in Northeast Alabama ages six through eighteen, who, through Alabama DHR, are seeking placement in a long term or short term basic care facility.
  2. Children under the care and supervision of licensed day cares in Calhoun and the surrounding counties.
Our Programs and Services:
  1. The Parris Home for Children: A state approved, seven-bed residential basic care facility, located in a neighborhood on a quiet residential street.
  2. Food Program: On behalf of the licensed day care facilities we serve, we manage the monthly USFDA nutrition reporting by ensuring each child receives the appropriate USDA recommended nutrition, submitting accurate reimbursement requests, and distributing the monthly reimbursements back to the day care providers

The Parris Home

The Parris Home for Children offers a nurturing environment where children can feel safe and cared for while receiving the level of medical and psychological health care necessary for them to work through the trauma brought on by their exposure to abuse and neglect. We believe that a child’s ability to overcome this trauma is improved when they experience the positive sense of well-being a child has when he or she is at home surrounded by family who love and care for them. Therefore, we provide a residence that is reminiscent of the home in which they once lived and surround them by staff offering the unconditional love and care they rightfully deserve.

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There’s always a lot to be done around the Parris Home! Individuals or groups that are interested in helping us maintain the house and grounds are always needed and welcomed!

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